Conducting Preparations

I have a passion for connecting music with dance. I am sharing this passion with young musicians who want to learn the fundamentals of conducting and experience the joy of making music with dance.

My mentoring program consists of teaching Tchaikovsky’s score of “The Nutcracker”, which I have discovered is a wonderful syllabus for most conducting challenges. During the dress rehearsal of Golden State Ballet’s Nutcracker production, my student will have the opportunity to conduct members of the San Diego Symphony.

“Conducting is typically introduced late in a young musician’s education, but through John’s mentoring I began studying conducting as a high school junior…….Being able to both study technique privately with John and apply those skills with the professional musicians of the San Diego Symphony was an invaluable experience.” Philip Espe

“He is exactly the kind of mentor I need. He does not try to impose his own style on me. Instead, I show him what I can do and he offers his insights. I love having someone who is as talented and accomplished as John devote so much time to me.” Willam Zauscher

“I greatly admire John’s attention to clarity and textual fidelity. His mentoring highlights the wonderful subtleties of the music and of the art form that is conducting. He builds strong relationships with his students through his sincerity, dedication, and passion.” Christopher Song

John Stubbs Coaching